Šumadija Tour

Bike, vine & spa adventure
Group size: 5-10
Price: 825 €
Days: 6
  • 5 fully guided rides with support vehicle and professional mechanic
  • 5+ full boards 6 breakfast, 5 lunches, 5 dinners
  • 6 nights at carefully chosen unique 3* accommodation
  • 400+ km of countryside, low traffic roads, average 85 km/day
  • 100% paved roads
  • Group size of 5 to 10 plus a group leader
  • transfer from Belgrade Airport to starting point and back
  • e-bike rent option


Bike, Wine & Spa Adventure

Have you ever travelled back in time, on a bike? No? Well, now you can, with us!

Our 6/7 days, fully supported, bike adventure will take you through “Balkan Tuscany”, region of Sumadija dotted with medieval castles, monasteries and wineries.

Using carefully planned countryside roads, we will be following ancient wine trails trough breathtaking landscapes and panoramic sightseeing points of Serbia.

Comfortable lodgings at traditional ethno cabins and guesthouses will add to back in time experience. Acoustic evenings will add to unforgettable times and relaxing spa sessions at some of accommodations to relaxation and tranquility.

 All by quite local and wisely chosen countryside panoramic roads. Our tours starts from colorfully Serbia’s capital of Belgrade and its fortresses, on river cross of Danube and Sava river, dating from Roman Empire times.

*Track of this fantastic route is easy rolling with several 4-10 km length intermediate hill climbs. Basic physical condition is required. For less prepared riders our e-bikes are available and supported vehicles as well.

 **For group with more specific demands we are open for customization of routes at request in advance

Check out detailed itinerary at day tabs

May – September

May 20 – May 26 2019

June 24 – June 30 2019

July 15 – July 21 2019

August 26 – September 1 2019

September 09 – September 15 2019

PRICE: 825 Eur

Welcome and Dobrodošli!

After a group gathering we will take you to accommodation then will start our sightseeing walking tour of Belgrade city center and its famous Kalemegdan fortress. Kalemegdan is a 2,000 year old city fortress in the heart of the city and our guide will present you some of the more interesting historical facts. After a walk, we will enjoy a Belgrade famous riverside for a dinner.

Route: 100% fun by foot

Meals: no meals included

52 km

Our bike adventure starts in the city of Orašac, an hour drive by van from Belgrade. Surrounded by hills covered in vineyards, we will be riding to the top of the mount Bukulja, where we will enjoy a coffee break at the panoramic viewpoint; then by beautiful and panoramic local roads we will reach a mount Venčac foothill, learn about local marble mines an pass by some local Wineries.

We will ride up to the old Serbian Royal Resort of Oplenac where we will be given a private tour of the estate and the magnificent Church of Saint George as well as Kings winery storing wines more than 80 years old, where we will enjoy wine tasting and learn about the wine making in this region.

After a lunch at the restaurant terrace on the grounds, we will continue our ride on the easy rolling picturesque roads to our final destination of the day, Bukovicka spa park.

We will be staying at the beautiful wooden and stone ethno bungalows overlooking the vineyards. Dinner will be served in the garden or restaurant of the complex and will be followed by music performance on tambura, a national string instrument.

Route: 52 km rolling hills (1.160 mva) 95% tarmac 5% excellent gravel

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner included

All of the entry tickets, guided tours and wine tasting included

65 km

If 1st riding day was too easy for you, today, we are going to have more challenge. After a hearty traditional Serbian breakfast, at restaurant terrace with magnificent view, we will start our ride by pictoresque local roads at slopes of mountain Rudnik covered in orchards and wineyards.  Along the 76km long ride we will be taking short break, reaching at the end to the magnificent Takovski Grm Resort where we will relax and have lunch.

For riders demanding more challenge, there will be the opportunity to bike up on Mount Suvobor; for others our vans will transport us to the top of the Suvobor mountain for enjoyment of nature and  break.

We will dine at famous Eko Resort Kostunici at wooden villas on lake shore.

Route: 76 rolling (850mva) 100% paved

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner included 

55 km

Day will start with very organic breakfast from naturally made local products, offered in Eco Kostunici Resort restaurant terrace at lakeside.

This day, we will bike pass mount Kablar and Jelica and ride trough fabulous Ovcar-Kablar gorge. We will be riding on paved narrow roads following  river meanders. On our way, we will pass by several medieval monasteries and make a lunch break at the beautiful restaurant terrace above lake.

After lunch, we will head to the famous city of Guca, place where Serbian trumpet orchestras hold music festival every year. After a walk trough this old town, where trumpet music could be heard at any time we will head to more spiritual destination.

We will get to one of the famous middle ages Balkan Monastery – Studenica. Studenica is the place built by the first Serbian dynasty and kingdom in XIII century. It was built  as their capitol. We will be staying at the authentic monastery guest houses “Konak” and later have dinner at the Monastery residence and dining hall.

Route: 67km (35km) rolling hills and flat 100%g paved

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner included

25km adrenalin rafting + 46km bike ride

Day 5, it  is time to rise an adrenalin level.

We are heading to the nearby river Ibar for highfidelity rafting adventure. All necessary equipment and guides will be provided.

After 25 km of rafting adventure, our beloved  bikes will be waiting for us. But not before we take a lunch and change at the traditional ethno restaurant at riverside.

Our 5th day bike ride will take us through gorgeous foothills and valleys of mount Goc, directly to our spa apartments at Vrnjačka spa. Along the way, we will visit one of the most important Serbian medieval monasteries Žiča.

At dinner, we will enjoy local gourmet food with acoustic moments at lovely local wine house. (Our August tour will get to enjoy the famous Vrnjacki Carnival).

Route: 25 km adrenalin river rafting – goal is to have fun and stay dry ☺

           +45 km rolling, 100% paved flat and easy rolling (552 mva)

           *For group of more demanding riders we could climb up more and have 71km ride.


Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner included        Rafting fee included


87 km

Today you could choose to relax at some of the many Vrnjacka banja spas and walk in beautiful Vrnjacka park afterwards.

For those eager for more riding trough beautiful Sumadias valleys,  there will be an option for 87km route by hilly, quiet paved roads. During this ride, we would visit two monasteries and one wine house.

Another option would be a shorter 25 km ride to one of the famous adjacent monasteries where we could enjoy local specialties and  organic food.

Descent roads will drive us to the city of Kragujevac,  known as the capital of Sumadia region, were we will take a well-deserved break and lunch in the restaurant at the beautiful park forest on lakeside.

By vans, we will have a 1,5 h transfer to Belgrade. After check in and rest at our accommodations, we will be free to have an unforgettable Belgrade evening.

Route: 40 or 87 km rolling with 3 intermediate hill climb 100% paved

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner included       

Bike along Belgrade! around 30km

We recommend that you book a late flight out of Belgrade as we have more interesting things to show you! If time permits, we could have an easy relaxed bike ride at Belgrade Danube and Sava riversides, and lunch  at Danube riverside  in an authentic Zemun restaurant.

Old city of Zemun was once a border town of Austro Hungarian monarchy, and if you are still hungry for more rides and adventures our Danube route bike adventure would be a perfect choice to drive you up the Danube river cities, fortresses and countryside.

Meals: Breakfast

Transfer to Airport included