About Us

Ivan Stević

After a long and successful cycling career my desire to visit old precious destinations and discover the new ones is not fading. 

Thanks to the cycling, I was on every continent. Yet I still feel hunger for the new experiences and the new challenges. Therefore, in order to tie my passions, I’ve came to the idea of offering a different kind of tourism.

I want to present the beauties of Serbia to the foreign lovers of cycling from my point of view (perspective), while to my Serbian cycling friends I want to open the doors of the best races, epic climbs and routes.

The key point of my proposal is enjoying the time on two wheels and of course … accompanied by a good food, drinks, jokes and laughter.(some Britons would say FUN AND LARKS).

I want to share this with you!

Come with us in a new adventure!

Our Team
Vladimir Milaković

As a passionate traveler, bike enthusiastic and nature lover Vladimir explore many of hidden gems and less ridden paths of Balkan region. 

He truly believes that Serbia is a very unique destination in Europe, a country of friendly and warm people where you can enjoy excellent local food and wines after your rides by picturesque scenic roads for cycling.